Rental Types                                                    

Guided Day Hikes/Guided Lunch Hikes: Book a guided outing for an afternoon to
experience the charm of llamas without camping out overnight. Many places, from
B&Bs to wineries, offer lunch hikes or day hikes along with a variety of other activities.

Guided Overnight Pack Trip: The ultimate in llama packing luxury, commercial trips
take care of every detail of your trip. Many outfitters also offer special fishing and
hunting packages.

Drop-Camp Services: Professionals will get you and your group up the trail, set up
with a base camp, and return to escort you back out on the pre-appointed date. This
is a happy medium between a do-it-yourself and a commercial trip with guides.

Clinics and/or Training: Clinics led by seasoned professionals give you the basic
tools you will need to handle your rental llama. More in-depth training clinics can
prepare you to train your own animals.

Day Rental: Find that perfect alpaca or llama for your child's birthday party, a parade, a school visit or a lunch hike. These animals are at ease around crowds and children.

Overnight Rental: For experienced llama handlers, renting pack llamas at your vacation destination is the easiest way to get out in the backcountry.

Long-Term Leasing: A thru-hike on the Continental Divide or a seasonal commercial venture requires a long-term agreement and pack animals up to the task.


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