Buckhorn Llama Co., Inc.
Loveland, Colorado

About Us: 
We rent pack llamas on a daily or seasonal basis to private individuals, government agencies, and businesses for wilderness packing applications. Additionally, we provide custom packing services. We operate in northern CO out of Masonville, CO, southwestern CO out of Durango, CO, and southern UT out of Bluff, UT.


Our Expertise: 
We have been in the llama breeding and packing business since 1977. Buckhorn Llama Co., Inc. pioneered the concept of renting llamas with leases to the USFS in the late 70's. We currently have a packing pool of 50 llamas, the largest in North America. We have a very broad scope of experience in varied environments and our animals reflect that in their performance. The varied applications in which we have used our llamas has exposed us and our animals to the full spectrum of trail circumstances. This enables us to evaluate our client's needs as well as their capability and experience, and successfully match them with llamas, preparation, and a plan that will make them successful in the backcountry.


  Number of available llamas: 50
Contact: Stan Ebel
Phone: 970-667-7411

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           Services Offered:
  ✓ Drop-Camp Services
  ✓ Clinics/Training Seminars
  ✓ Day Rental
  ✓ Overnight Rental
  ✓ Long-Term Leasing
Renter Requirements: 
✓ signed lease agreement
✓ deposit
✓ pack clinic or proof of experience
        Additional Services:

  ✓ transportation to/from site or trailhead
  ✓ has proper liability insurance


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