Llama Linda Ranch
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

About Us: 
Our main focus is three-hour lunch hikes on our ranch. The llamas carry everything from your lunch to tired toddlers. We also have fun events where children can work one on one with a llama and lead them through obstacle courses, do relays and other fun events to win ribbons just like they do at the big llama shows.


Our Expertise: 
We only do easy hikes that are not strenuous on people or animals. All are extremely gentle and have costumes to wear when appropriate. Some can be ridden by very small children or will pull a cart for an easy ride.


  Number of available llamas: 5
Contact: Linda Hayes
Phone: 970-379-4576

Links to Press Coverage: 


           Services Offered:
  ✓ Guided Day Hikes/Guided Lunch Hikes
  ✓ Clinics/Training Seminars
Renter Requirements: 
        Additional Services:

  ✓ has proper liability insurance


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