Highland Llama Trekkers
Grass Valley, California

About Us: 
Breeding, raising, training the best Ccara pack llamas to be your calm, friendly, strong and capable companions on wilderness mountain trails.


Our Expertise: 
Retired teacher, backpacker, packed and guided with llamas from 1993. Produce and train a continuous, capable pack string of intact male llamas, occasionally selling a few. Offering overnight training sessions for pack llama rentals, providing llama transportation to trails in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We provide all llama equipment, and train you in its use. Llamas require some care to survive wilderness trips. We can provide partially guided assistance if preferred, camping nearby and caring for the llamas while you enjoy your own campsites.


  Number of available llamas: 45
Contact: Lorene Grassick
Phone: 530-273-8105

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           Services Offered:
  ✓ Guided Day Hikes/Guided Lunch Hikes
  ✓ Guided Overnight Pack Trips
  ✓ Drop-Camp Services
  ✓ Clinics/Training Seminars
  ✓ Day Rental
  ✓ Overnight Rental
Renter Requirements: 
✓ signed lease agreement
✓ deposit
✓ pack clinic or proof of experience
        Additional Services:

  ✓ transportation to/from site or trailhead
  ✓ has proper liability insurance


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