Antero Llamas LLC
Salida, Colorado

About Us: 
Antero Llamas provides pack llamas and gear for rent. We are your trusted source for self-guided llama treks in central Colorado, USA. Many of our customers are introduced to packing with llamas for the first time in our 2-3 hour Llama Packing 101 workshop. We can provide training both at the farm or before a trip, and several times a season we provide weekend training trip workshops. Seasoned trekkers return to us year after year for the reliable, professional experience they have come to expect from Antero Llamas. Contact us today to reserve llamas for your next expedition.


Our Expertise: 
Antero Llamas LLC has been in continuous operation since 1991. In 2006, Bill Gardiner purchased the service from Jim McConaghy so he could retire. Bill has been training and packing llamas since the 80's. Bill has extensive backpacking, hunting and outdoor training experience. He holds a degree in Wildlife Management from Colorado State University and when not working with his llamas, can be found serving as a Conservationist for the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.


  Number of available llamas: 15
Contact: Bill Gardiner
Phone: 719-539-6888

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           Services Offered:
  ✓ Clinics/Training Seminars
  ✓ Day Rental
  ✓ Overnight Rental
  ✓ Long-Term Leasing
Renter Requirements: 
✓ signed lease agreement
✓ deposit
✓ pack clinic or proof of experience
        Additional Services:

  ✓ transportation to/from site or trailhead
  ✓ has proper liability insurance


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