Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas
Idaho Falls, Idaho

About Us: 
Mission Statement: Provide the best trained and conditioned llamas in the industry to our rental customers and guided guest. Hire and train the hardest working and most qualified guides. Provide an organized, professional and enjoyable work environment. Maintain a high level of full disclosure within our company to employees and guest. Be readily available and quick to respond to questions, concerns and scheduling opportunities.


Our Expertise: 
Our focus is entirely on producing high endurance, athletic pack llamas that are proven and tested as commercial packers. Our breeding goal at Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas is to find, train, pack and prove the best breeding stock in North America. We pack with llamas for a living; it is our passion, our hobby and who we are. We donít golf, gamble, or travel the world; we pack and breed the toughest llamas in the country. We take our profession seriously and put our llamas to the test. In order to rent our llamas to strangers our animals have to be proven and ready for the task. This requires a lot of time training, condition and a foundation of correct breeding principals.


  Number of available llamas: 86
Contact: Beau Baty
Phone: 208-270-7749
           Services Offered:
  ✓ Guided Day Hikes/Guided Lunch Hikes
  ✓ Guided Overnight Pack Trips
  ✓ Drop-Camp Services
  ✓ Clinics/Training Seminars
  ✓ Day Rental
  ✓ Overnight Rental
  ✓ Long-Term Leasing
Renter Requirements: 
✓ signed lease agreement
✓ deposit
✓ pack clinic or proof of experience
        Additional Services:

  ✓ transportation to/from site or trailhead
  ✓ camping gear rental (tent, bag, etc.)
  ✓ has proper liability insurance
  ✓ trail permits


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